101 in 1001

101 in 1001 Goals

For my Mind:

1. Read 24 books this year.

2. Join a book club.

3. Go to 5 museums.

4. Create a picture book of our first year of marriage.

5. Make a list of crafting projects to do and a schedule.

6. Create a blog schedule.

7. Buy my favorite 15 must have books.

8. Create a Homemaking Binder.

9. Paint a canvas.

10. Create a family calendar.

11. Organize my recipes.

12. Make a list of my top 5 movies and buy them all.

13. Own a camera and learn to use it.

14. Take a class.

15. Cook through a cookbook.

16. Subscribe to new magazines.

17. Do 1 thing every day for 3 months to help my business.

18. Fill my Etsy store with at least 30 things.


For my wallet:

19. Get our budget set.

20. Lead an FPU class- started 6/13/12 and it’s a 13 week class

21. Be debt free.

22. Set up a savings account for Kevin’s shop.

23. Make a plan for Dave’s Baby Steps.

24. Open a Mutual Fund account.


For my health:

25. Do a parasite and kidney cleanse. Started 4/28/12

26. Do a liver cleanse- or 10. (6/10)

27. Do a 30 Day Juice Fast. (finished on 6/2/12 36 days)

28. Build a greenhouse.

29. Buy all natural nail polish.

30. Learn how to preserve food- canning and drying.

31. Try raw milk.

32. Run a 5k.

33. Use an herb medicinally.

34. Put together recipes for cleaning supplies.



35. Fruit picking.

36. Take a cake decorating class.

37. Take lessons at a community center.

38. Go on a road trip- Elko Nevado, 14 hours on the road each way 7/11-7/15.

39. See a play or musical.

40. Go to an aquarium.

41. Go on a cruise.

42. Ride a train.

43. Go on a backpacking trip.

44. Play the tables in Vegas.

45. Make a wedding cake for someone.

46. Go rafting.

47. Take a surfing lesson.

48. Go dancing.

49. Visit a National Park.

50. See a comedian live.

51. Visit the LA Farmer’s Market.

52. Go to a water park. 6/18/12


For my soul:

53. Become a member at church- 7/17/12

54. Choose a family verse and make it into art.

55. Create a prayer board.

56. Read the Bible in 1 year with Twitch. Started 1/1/12

57. Read 6 books that expand my knowledge of Jesus.

58. Find a ministry opportunity at church.

59. Write letters to Martha once a month for a year.

60. Fast one day per week for 6 months.


Marriage and Family:

61. Date night twice per Month.

62. Complete the Love Dare.

63. Have Anniversary picture taken- 7/6/12

64. Host family and friend dinners.

65. Send out Birthday cards to everyone in the family.

66. Put together our Wedding Album.

67. Make a list of things that make Twitch excited about life.

68. Do the Marriage Life Path at Church.

69. Create a new family tradition.


70. Create my dream pantry.

71. Make 10 salad dressings.

72. Make spice mixes.

73. Create a tea blend.

74. Make cheddar cheese.

75. Make a coconut cream pie.

76. Make kombucha. 6/26/12

77. Make a sourdough starter.

78. Make 5 different ferments.

79. Make a list of 30 homemade staple foods to try.

80. Create a menu plan that I can pull out for special occasion dinners.


For Fun:

81. Own only clothing I love, donate the rest.

82. Make over my shoe collection.

83. Make one piece of jewelry.

84. Get my hair cut. 6/30/12

85. Buy all new make up.

86. Learn to make lotion.

87. Get a natural tan.

88. Get a pedicure every month for 4 months.

89. Find the perfect pair of jeans.

90. Reinforce all the beading on my wedding dress.


For the Home:

91. Finish bedroom and bathroom decorating.

92. Hang up Wedding pictures.

93. Put new carpet in the bedrooms.

94. Buy a new couch.

95. Design the ultimate sewing/craft room.

96. Use the FLYlady system for 3 months. Started 6/11/12


Kevin’s Babies:

97. Have some.

98. Decorate an incredible nursery.

99. Do maternity monthly pictures.

100. Sew the Crib Set myself.

101. Put together an herbal medicine cabinet.


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