Friday’s Letters

16 Mar


Dear Juicer– thank you for making my uber healthy morning breakfast everyday. Oh, and also my reward for working out! Dear Turbo Fire- thank you for being the most fun EVER and for being both a serious workout and using the words “wiggle it”!

Wiggle it


Dear Public Library– thank you for your online book ordering option. Now I won’t be limited by your puny selection at the local library. I get access to the whole county system.

Book nerd


Dear World– sometimes you overwhelm me and I want to run away (Netflix marathon anyone?). But then I put my big girl panties on and fight back.


One Response to “Friday’s Letters”

  1. Ashley March 16, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    okay whats this turbo fire? I think I need to hear more about it! loved your letters, thanks for linking up!


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