Friday’s Letters

23 Mar

Dear Friday, I am usually so excited to see you. But not this week. THIS week is vacation at work. Which means Friday- you came too fast. I hope I see you this quickly next week when I’m back at work. Dear Job, I hate you. It’s me, not you. We were never meant for each other. I wish we could break up now, but we’ll have to schedule it. May 25 is Freedom Day. I will remember what we had, but celebrate the future and only cry tears of joy. OR, I’ll throw myself a Retirement Party and eat celebration Ice Cream. You know, whatever. Who cares if I’m 29.

Dear Spring, it was so good to visit with you yesterday. I’m not sure why you couldn’t stay longer, but I went to the store and got some sticky glue so you can’t get away so easily next time.

Dear TV, you have been rocking my socks off. I totally am not embarrassed to say I’ve watched a lot of you lately. You’re fun to hang out with. Especially new friends like GCB and Once Upon A Time.

Kristin is ridiculous. I heart her 🙂

Dear Joey, thanks for choosing my house to celebrate your 18th birthday at. And for saying that my homemade ice cream is bomb diggity and your favorite! I think you said that because you knew I would be so flattered, I would make it whenever you wanted. You’re like a genius.

Joey- but not Joey's baby. Because we would kill him.


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