Juice Fasting- Liver Flush

28 Mar

What’s that you say? You think your liver is toxic and you want to give it a bath? It’s not quick and it ain’t pretty.

I’m following Cherie Calbom’s Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life program for the liver detox. It’s brutal. I didn’t think that before I started. I thought- this is going to be awesome! I’ll be clean on the inside! I’ll have radiant skin, my thunder thighs will shrink, and I’ll get xray vision. Then I had juice yesterday. And beet salad. I hear you- mmmmm. And I got cranky. And then I had to eat carrot salad (not the delicious kind). And then I got even crabbier. Then I told my husband- and he laughed.

But I’m in it to win it. And even though he laughs at me, he’s totally supportive. Today I started the day with a Citrus Blend Drink. Sounds good huh? Besides the garlic and olive oil, it might have been.

I’m expect big things. Monumental things. I’m expecting to be ridiculously good looking and hot. And I hope I get a tan too. Without having to go outside- just as a side benefit.

I’m off to bathing suit shop.


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