3 Apr

Do you ever feel like your Issues hold you back? Press you down? Choke the joy out of life? My Issues do. They steal fun and fancy free me, and leave stress ball crazy behind. Why do I feel like I have no control with this? Why do I let circumstances dictate my emotions. WTHeck! Jesus has a lot to say about worry, fear, and anxiety. In 1 Peter 5:7 it says “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” No thanks, I’d like to keep it for myself. It makes me gain weight, lose sleep, and be a worse human being. Seriously.

And why do I feel so alone in my insecurities? What makes me think that every single other person out there with breath in their lungs feels any different than me? I’m special. My fears and worries are true. There can be big consequences. Big.

Or not.

There CAN be peace. There CAN be joy. There CAN be ridiculous fun and laughter. Life CAN be awestacular. 1 Thesssalonians 5:16-22 (paraphrased) says that I should BE joyful, pray a lot, and be thankful all. the. time. Why is this so hard? Because I’m a human. Stinking weak and selfish. So how do I get this joy and how in the heck do I hold onto it?

We use Jesus’ joy. Holy fountain of neverending flow Batman! Yep- no end, no limit, no cap. He has it, and He is more than willing to share. John 15 says that we find joy when we find Him. Now, I’ve already found Him. But still I lose joy. I didn’t lose Him, I lost my focus on Him. My bad. He says that He is the vine and I am a branch. Where does the branch get the good stuff to bear yummy fruit? The vine. But the branch has to stay attached. Duh. It’s easy for the branch (me) to try to do it all and not rely on the vine (God). He has so much to do, and I can really do this by myself. Can you just hear God? “Thanks for limiting me. Thanks for putting me in your tiny box and thinking that I need your help. You obviously don’t know me very well. Wanna meet for coffee and talk about it?!”

Yes. I do. Can we also talk about that part where I cast my fears on You? And about the section where you outlined how to live in Matthew 6- just wanted to say thanks for that.

I get distracted by the crazy, by the mundane, and by the stressful. My fault. My choice. If I take responsibility for it, I’m choosing to take a step forward. Put on your running shoes. Time to go.


Holla Back

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