It’s OK

5 Apr

It’s Ok-

  • that I’m more afraid of moths than they are of me.
  • that I’m wearing the same socks I wore yesterday- my feet don’t stink!
  • that I forgot to pick up milk and yogurt for my husband, so he doesn’t have breakfast or a snack at work today.
  • that I would rather watch Gossip Girls than clean the house.

  • that my husband is turning 31 is a few weeks and I am totally stumped on what to get him.
  • that I’m not really looking forward to getting 2 Doberman in June. I’m nervous. There, I said it.
  • that I can’t get this out of my mind

  • that my legs need to be shaved. badly.
  • that I leave a bag of loose tea leaves on my desk because I think it’s funny that the janitor thought it was weed.
  • that eating watermelon makes it to the Top 10 reasons I’m excited for Summer


One Response to “It’s OK”

  1. Monica April 5, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    When my son was little he use to EAT MOTHS!!!!! Lol lol

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