Sometimes and Always

10 Apr

Sometimes I hate waking up when the sun isn’t even peeking out.

Always I love getting to watch the sunrise. It’s pink!

Sometimes I get excited over the little things.

Always I think the little things rock- they make life fun.

Sometimes I miss eating the same food as everyone else.

Always I’m glad that having so many food sensitivities means I have to eat super healthy.

Sometimes I wish I could curl up and watch TV all day in my pj’s.

Who am I kidding, Always I wish this!

Sometimes I wish my family lived closer.

Always I’m excited to have a place to visit in the Summer.

Sometimes the avocado man shows up at work with a truck bed full of green goodness.

Always I am stoked to see him and buy way more than we can eat!


2 Responses to “Sometimes and Always”

  1. Kimberly @ Work It Out, Gurl April 10, 2012 at 9:24 am #

    I definitely can relate with not eating the same food as everyone else.. and not because of allergies, but just trying to be healthier. Sometimes… I just crave cheetos, but I know that’s not the best option for me. Womp. #teamhealthy

    • beckylumert April 10, 2012 at 11:41 am #

      I am craving that new Doritos Taco Shell at Dell Taco. I don’t even LIKE Doritos!! Dang advertising has me hooked. I even dreamed about it! I will never try it- not worth the resulting pain. But my brain has eaten it a few times.

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