Thursday 13

12 Apr

So many things to be thankful for this Thursday!!

1. My little yapper Pop Tart. He is the perfect fur baby.

2. My wedding rings. Love them just as much today as I did when he gave them to me.

3. The Man- Husband is my perfect match. I am so grateful that God picked me for him.

4. Azure Standard- this online co op saves me cash. That’s awesome.

5. TV shows on the internet. How else would I get through the work day?

6. Water bottles. I get to feel eco friendly and avoid nasty tap water.

7. Homemade yogurt. Makes me feel like Little House on the Prairie.

8. Gardens- I don’t have my greenhouse yet, but I will!

9. Pinterest. Makes me happy. Especially getting to see what all my friends and family are pinning.

10. Coconut oil. I use it as a lotion. Best decision ever.

11. Juicing makes me feel health and full of life.

12. My computer- I don’t know what work would be like if I didn’t have this distraction. I’m pretty sure things would get crazy though.

13. The garage door won’t open when it’s cold outside. But with this nice weather, it responds when you push the button. Love that!


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