Fill in the Blank Friday

13 Apr

Friday Friday

1.  Today is a good day because   I have a to do list I think I can actually accomplish!

2.   The best thing I did all week was    plan my husband’s birthday! I found some great Groupons for fun stuff!
3.  The current weather is   overcast and drizzling and it makes me feel     excited for the Spring to come.
4. The best thing about spring is    the sun and new green stuff. It makes me feel all hopeful and happy.
5. A fashion trend that I’m dying to try out for spring is  the denim top. Though I’m pretty sure it was a Fall/Winter trend too- it’s new to me.
6. A person who made me smile this week was   my husband. He’s been extra sweet and sappy this week- which makes my heart happy. It also makes me easy- which makes his heart happy.
7.  The most delicious thing I ate all week was   juice. I’ve been doing a juice fast and liver flush and I.feel.amazing.
Fill in the Blank Friday- fun brought to cyberspace by Lauren.

One Response to “Fill in the Blank Friday”

  1. Amy Powell (@amyrenepowell) April 15, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    have fun with your husband’s birthday! that’s always one of my favorite things to plan each year 🙂

    hope you had a great weekend 🙂

    {I have a giveaway going on right now. Love for you to enter!}

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