First Experience with

1 May

To continue the mini series on debt freedom and getting to keep all my money instead of sending it to someone else, here is Part 2.

I bit the bullet and signed up for the most popular budgeting site.

Twitch and I are REALLY focused on our budget right now. Actually, we’ve been really focused on our budget since we got married last June.  We have this goal to be debt free in the first year of our marriage. And we’re going to do it. We are so close. We started in July with $70,000 in debt (almost all student loans). We’re down to $14,000 right now!

We’ve never really done a written budget. I mean, we just don’t spend any money. Like ever. Except for groceries and utility bills, we don’t budget for anything else. I don’t get any fun money and neither does he. So, our budget has been more of an observation of what we are already doing instead of a plan for our money.

Now that we’re so close to being debt free, it’s even more important that we have an actual plan not just a wish. So I signed up for Mint. I was shocked how the site took all my account info and created this itemized list of all expenditures. On it’s own. It didn’t even need my help. I mean, I recategorized a few things, but other than that it did a legit job.

Then it has a tab where I can create a budget. And like magic it just shows up. I think I’m going to heart

Click for Part 1 of the story, where I talk all about Uncle Dave.


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