Kidney and Parasite Cleanses- ya, i just said that

6 May

Spring Detox- getting in shape for LIFE! Check out my post on Juice Feasting to catch up on this series!

Twitch, my husband, and I decided to do Dr. Hulda Clark’s Kidney and Parasite Cleanse. This is the cleanse recommended by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride of the GAPS Diet. It was the next step in healing for me, and Twitch is super supportive so he was willing to do it to. Twitch also has had food poisoning about a dozen times and he had a kidney stone about 10 years ago. He says ouch. So he thought it was a good idea to make sure that anything that wants to grow up and be a kidney stone some day is annihilated and anything that took up residence in him from bad food gets murdered.

The Kidney Cleanse has you take 4 types of supplements in capsule form: ginger root, uva ursi, vitamin B6, and magnesium oxide. Then you have to drink a fairly nasty tasting tea: concoction of roots, dark cherry concentrate, HCL, goldenrod tincture, and vitamin B2. The tea is hard for Twitch to get down. Me? I’m used to gross supplements, so I’m ok. We haven’t noticed much of anything different yet, but you are supposed to stay on it for 6 weeks. I have an issue with retaining water. I feel like I literally have an extra layer of water covering my body. I think that my kidneys may not be processing all of this correctly, so I’m hoping that once they are cleaned out and feeling all peppy again they’ll decide to get rid of the excess.

The Parasite Cleanse isn’t something I had really considered before looking into the Kidney Cleanse. Honestly, it grosses me out to think of it. But then I browsed a little more through the internet and realized how common it is to carry around parasites, even if they are stuck in the egg stage (because saying larvae makes me want to vomit). So I thought, hey, what they heck, what could it hurt? And if I actually have any of the little buggers in me, better to get them out.  This is an 18 day cleanse that we’re starting tomorrow. The capsules we will take are cloves and wormwood, and then we take a black walnut hull tincture. Who comes up with this stuff?

At the end of May, which is when we’re done with these flushes and my Juice Feast, we will start doing Liver Flushes (check out my first time here) every 2 weeks. I did my first one a few weeks ago and it was incredible. Seriously felt like I was high. On life. It was ridiculous how amazing I felt and how clearly I could think. I was excited about everything and could hardly stop dancing around the house, I had so much energy. Liver flushes are easy peasy. You take epsom salts and olive oil. After the nastiness of the Kidney tea, that’s nothing!

I hate posts without pictures, but they haven’t made any x ray glasses for me to show you what’s up in my kidney. So how about this:

And this:This one just because it makes me insanely happy to think of the sun and water from the Bahamas. Not because it has anything to do with Cleansing. Unless all the juicing gives me a tan. Maybe an orange glow from all the carrots…..


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