What I hope to fix

8 May

The goals of the Juice Fast:

  • resolve longstanding digestive issues
  • relieve chronic pain in knee from running injury
  • pain in right wrist
  • get kidneys functioning so I stop retaining water
  • heal chronic dry skin

And now for the bonus one: heal broken ankle.

I think the bonus one is taking way too much of the healing juices for itself. I’m healing pretty quickly, so I hope that my body will move on to the rest of the list before the 30 days are up. Otherwise I’ll have to do this again. That would be tragic. Although I won’t be working and can get some really delicious fruits from the farmer’s market, so it might be awesome. Hmm.

I guess the ultimate goal for the Juice Fast- Get out my body’s way so it can heal itself.


One Response to “What I hope to fix”

  1. wendymc12 May 9, 2012 at 7:00 am #

    Ok, so the picture drew me in. I love it!! I really enjoy your blog. I can’t wait to hear how the juice fast works out. My daughter is a huge health nut and I will have to pass this along to her. this blog is right up her alley.

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