Day 14 of the Juice Fast/Feast

11 May

I made it to Day 14! I’m throwing myself a party!

I have read other people who juice and feel A.mazing. I can’t say I feel that way. I do feel clean and healthy though! I combined this Juice Fast with a Kidney Cleanse and Parasite Cleanse. All the detoxing may be getting in the way of my emotional high. The Parasite Cleanse only has about a week left. I’ll move on to a Liver Flush just after that. Last time I did a Liver Flush- the emotional high was incredible- so I will be completely disappointed if I don’t feel awesome this time.

I was reading a Juicing book and it talked about “Soup”. Juice veggies and then heat it up in a Vita Mix. It’s Soup! Ok, it’s not soup. But it’s a different temperature and it made my tummy happy.

Just over 2 weeks left of the Fast. Can’t wait!


Holla Back

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