Juice Fast Day 17

14 May

More than halfway there- less than 2 weeks left! Less than 2 weeks by like a day, but whatever. I’m so thankful for the warmer weather, it makes juicing much more comfortable. I have been freezing (which is apparently a side effect of the no food situation) so the warmer weather has been such a blessing.

Here’s what I learned- my own little list of tips and tricks:

  • Juice watermelon. It’s very satisfying.
  • Heat up juice in the Vitamix- not delicious, but warm is good.
  • Juice frozen fruit and it turns into a frothy kind of yumminess that you can eat with a spoon. This seems to create less juice and more pulp, but it’s a special treat.
  • Read books and blogs on fasting. Some of the books I’m reading are adding a real depth to my relationship with Jesus. They also give me the motivation to continue when I’m feeling hungry.



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