Day 18- Breakthrough

15 May

I think I hit it the other day. The wall that is. I hit and then fell on my butt. I was emotional and hungry. It wasn’t pretty. But then  Jesus helped dust me off and we ran at the wall again. We killed it. It’s rubble.

I feel good. Emotionally. Physically. All the stuff in between. I’m stronger and more confident now than I have been. Maybe ever. At least until I have kids- that’s when I hear I’ll really earn my cajones. Mama Bear and all. But for now, this is my peak. It is my stand that says I have a joy that no one can touch. I choose to be happy and circumstances can’t change that.

Not that circumstances won’t try to. Which is why I’ve asked Twitch to pray for me when he thinks about me the next few days. To which he promptly responded “I’ll never get anything done!” You’re good husband, you’re good.

My spirit is light and my body is light (8.5 pounds!). The success of this fast really hinges on my emotional health. The body won’t heal well when the emotions are dumping buckets of crazy hormones. Just within the last 24hrs my whole self feels more energize and healthy. Some of my goals for the fast feel attainable- like healing this crazy ankle.

First attempt


Holla Back

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