Day 24- Liver Flush this Weekend

21 May

I did my second Liver Flush this weekend and I went with Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocol instead of Andreas Moritz’s. I chose Clark’s this time because it does not include 5 days of 24 oz apple juice daily. This is a lot of sugar and I don’t want to go feeding any candida or anything while I’m trying to cleanse. Otherwise, their protocols are the same.

Except it wasn’t the same. This time, I didn’t get nearly as many liver stones out. I did get a lot of wonky stuff that I think was a result of the Parasite Cleanse. Very weird. There is no photographic evidence to share. That’s gross. The other difference was the type of stone that came out. It was much darker in color than last time and much harder. I’m going back to Andreas’ protocol next time. I think the malic acid is important. Now. After the fact.

I’ll do my next flush in just 2 weeks. The minimum amount of time they suggest you wait between flushes. I think I’ll be ready because this flush didn’t seem to accomplish that much. Which means that I’ll start on the malic acid (I’ll probably do a combination of fresh juiced organic apples and malic acid powder in water). Or I’ll get nervous that it won’t work as well and do the straight juice. We’ll have to see.

My 30 Juice Fast should be over on May 27. And I should start to break it on Monday the 28th. But now that I’m planning to do another flush so soon, maybe I should just keep it up for another 5 days. A week ago, that thought would have had me whining and bargaining for less. But today, it seems doable. Probably because it’s Day 24. And that’s a big number.



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