Day 25- I can so do this

22 May

Down to the last few days. I’m excited. I can finally look around Pinterest and fun blogs without tears of hunger from all those yummy photos. Real food doesn’t even look like that!

I have tried to find some blogs about juicing to follow, but I didn’t find many that I really connected with for more than a few days at a time. I think that juice fasting is a really personal thing, and every day is different in how I feel and where I’m at. That means that what encouraged me yesterday just isn’t doing it today. Sometimes reading blogs that document 50 different kinds of juices really excite me and totally overwhelm me the very next day. Sometimes reading that someone else is struggling and not psyched is just what I need. Other days that just brings me down and I want to read about the people who ate sunshine and rainbows. For me, I just find what inspires me for that day. Getting to learn a little more about me and what makes me tick- that’s part of the bonus of juice fasting for such a long time.

My husband has also been a huge supporter. He alternates between telling me he’s proud, giving me high 5’s, and telling me about new videos and blogs I can check out. I know, I have it good. And yes, you should be jealous. And the kicker? After I complete the 30 days I get to buy a whole new wardrobe! I also have to be able to do 8 boy pushups and weigh less than 125. Whatever- the juice fast was DEFINITELY the hardest on that list! The rest is cake. Well, it’ll be cake if I lose a few pounds and suddenly develop arm muscles. I need to juice more spinach. Popeye has the goods I need.


Holla Back

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