Day 26- Get a Partner

23 May

I really wish I had a partner during this whole cleanse. Someone else who is wanting food and won’t tell you to just eat. Someone who is “in it” with you. Twitch has been a huge supporter, totally positive about the whole thing. But it doesn’t really compare to being accountable to someone else who hasn’t been eating for 26 days. Maybe it’s just the hunger talking.

The pros of doing a juice cleanse when I have a broken ankle: way less caloric demand because I don’t move around.

The cons of doing a juice cleanse when I have a broken ankle: getting up to make juice hurts, so I don’t.

The result? I’m hungry. And the cleanse is hard. I guess it’s hard no matter what. It builds character. It allows me to see how strong I am. It makes me more temperate and self controlled in other areas.

I miss the relational things that come with food. I miss sharing a meal with others. I’ve been eating a “special” diet for years now. I’m used to taking my own food to restaurants and parties. But I still get to experience that feeling of satisfaction and togetherness. With juice, I don’t feel that. I feel a little left out. But you know what? I’ll appreciate it more now.

4 days left! Monday I’ll start coming off the juice. Sounds like I’m on the ‘roids.


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