Day 30- Oh My Gosh. Oh My Gosh. Oh My Gosh.

27 May

I did it. I really did. Oh My Gosh.Oh My Gosh.Oh My Gosh.

I feel like I won some kind of award. The I DID IT award.

How can I top this?!

Nope, can’t be done.

Let’s review my hopes for the 30 Day Juice Fast:

1. Resolve longstanding digestive issues- This has been great for my digestion. I think. I found out I’m a little sensitive to too much cucumber, so I’ll have to watch that. The real test will be when I start to eat real food again!

2. Relieve chronic pain in knee from running injury- I really can’t say. Because my broken ankle is on the same leg, I haven’t been able to check.

3. Pain in right wrist- who was I kidding. It hurts because I use the computer too much. I’ve done NOTHING but play on the computer for the last month because of this ankle!

4. Get kidneys functioning so I stop retaining water- oh this is good. This has been very good. I feel so much lighter. And that layer of water I feel like is always around- gone!

5. Heal chronic dry skin- I really thought my skin would be way more dry with no fat in my diet. I was wrong. I’m pretty soft and silky.

And now for the bonus one: heal broken ankle- um, still broken. It’ll take a few more weeks. Hopefully this juice fast put me on the fast track for a complete healing though!


Was it worth it? Yes. I don’t know all of the good it did. But I do believe that I’ll be reaping the rewards of the healing my body has done these past 30 days for a long time to come. I believe that my body needed a rest. I believe that it got it.

Now I have to figure out how to re-enter the world of food without damaging any of the healing I’ve done. I’ve heard how important it is to be gentle with your system. I’m off to do some google researching!


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