Day 31- Say What?!

28 May

I thought I was done! Me too. But I feel like I want to give this a little longer to see what kind of healing can happen. I read that sometimes you see your best healing after day 30. I guess if I’ve come this far, I can go all the way. Where exactly is all the way? Not really sure, but I trust I’ll know it when I get there.

I’m also planning on doing a 3rd Liver Flush next weekend, so I didn’t really want to break the Juice Fast just to throw my system a somersault and flush it. Kinda harsh.

My new plan: continue the Fast until I do another Flush. And then reevaluate. If I feel Ah.mazing over this next week, then I may continue the Fast longer.

You see, I feel all this pressure to do it and get it right. We plan on starting our family soon, and we want a few kids. You just don’t go on a Juice Fast or do major detoxing when pregnant or breastfeeding. You just don’t. I don’t want a 3 armed kid. So unless I do it now, I’ll have to wait something like 5 years. Back to back babies, that’s what I’m planning.

I trust that my body will know when to stop. Please know body. Or I’ll stop for you.


Holla Back

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