Day 32

29 May

This is the first day that I normally would be working but don’t have to because I QUIT. I did really important things, like soak in a bath and pick out some fun outfits. Life changing stuff. I feel free and happy. Like ice cream.

I’m so glad I decided to go 1 week longer on the Juice Fast. I owe it to my body to have the opportunity to detox and repair without the stress of working that job.

I also added a green supplement. It’s gross. But so is the green drink that I juice! I decided to use

I was having a hard time getting in all the greens to make sure I’m in tip top form. I juice about 4 oz of apple juice, mix in a scoop of this, and chug. It’s not delicious. It tastes like hay. Better than somethings I’ve supplemented with before though. I’ve been doing this twice a day lately and it gives me a boost in energy.


Holla Back

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