Day 33

30 May

Gearing up for my 3rd Liver Flush. I’m following the Andreas Moritz protocol this time- I like the malic acid better on this protocol than Hulda Clark’s without it. It makes the stones much softer.

I may be having some issues from the last flush I did. There may have been some stones that were not flushed completely out of my system. They warn you about this, which is why you’re supposed to get a colonic after each flush. I don’t have $70 to spend on a colonic. And if I did have $70, I probably wouldn’t spend it on a colonic anyway. But I’m rethinking that after the week I’ve had. Quite a bit of pain and discomfort, nausea, no appetite. I feel horrible. I’ve been doing what I can to flush my system out yesterday and today. I’m sure all the epsom salts for this next flush will clear me out too. I’ll definitely be more vigilant after this next one to make sure than I am totally clean on the inside.


Holla Back

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