Day 36- The End.

2 Jun

This is it. The last day. Why is it that it’s so hard when you’re going through it, but at the end it feels like you breezed through it? I didn’t breeze, I’m pretty sure I whined and stomped my feet. Then I really threw a tantrum. But not? Now I feel like it was easy peasy.

Liver Flush #3 will commence this evening. I’ve done 5 days of no fat, only fruits and veggie juice, and 3 cups of apple juice daily. I will be taking 2 doses of epsom salts tonight at 6 and 8pm. Finally, at 10pm, I’ll take 1/2 cup Olive Oil and 1.2 cup Grapefruit Juice. I actually like the taste of this. Weird. I know.

Then the challenge- fall asleep immediately so the oil can do it’s work.


Holla Back

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