Liver Flush #3 and I ate today.

3 Jun

36 days without eating a single bite of real food. Only juice going on in this tummy. Surprisingly, I don’t really care about food right now. I mean, I’m eating cantaloupe and strawberries, but it’s not like I’m binging on it. Feeling pretty good about life right now. Honestly, can’t WAIT to eat vegetable. Broiled. Oh my goodness. Now I’m hungry. Keep all your sugar and carbs. Give me this deliciousness:

I just licked the computer screen.

On another note, I also completed my 3rd Liver Flush today. It’s crazy how many liver stones come out. Just ridiculous. I woke up at 2am this morning when the epsom salts started doing their thing. Unfortunately, there was no more sleep in the cards for me. Just like the last 2 flushes, I feel like I have so much energy. It’s awesome. I wish my ankle weren’t broken, or I would be out running some of this good mojo off- only to get more happy endorphins for my effort!


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