Friday’s Letters

15 Jun

Good morning Friday! Thank you for being amazing!

Dear Twitch, we have been married for almost 1 year. Yay! Dear home, thank you for being so easy to clean. Thank you for not having too much stuff in you. Dear Farmer’s Market, you are my favorite. You are nice and delicious, just how I want you. Dear Dawson’s Creek reruns on Netflix, not having the right theme song sucks. You need to work on that. Dear lil brudder, you came and visited me yesterday! I know you were just looking for someone to make you lunch, but I don’t even care! Dear Kim Snyder and your Green Goddess Smoothie, you make me happy in the morning. I don’t even like banana is drink form, but you make it work. Dear Pop Tart, you are the bestest doggie out there. Just one thing, stop getting so dirty! I don’t particularly enjoy bathing you.


Holla Back

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