It’s OK Thursday

12 Jul

It’s ok……….

that my little Pop Tart needs a hair cut and I keep putting it off. Oh, and a bath!

that I want to try this but it makes me really nervous:

that I made Kombucha- which smells like vinegar and tastes like champagne. So I’m told. I feel I’m a rebel during prohibition. Except that there’s like .00000001 percent alcohol in it. So I guess I’m an epic fail on the getting tipsy front.

that I think this when Twitch gets home



One Response to “It’s OK Thursday”

  1. Lin July 12, 2012 at 7:43 am #

    Homemade make up? That’s pretty ballsy. Since I’d probably end up poisoning my face or something, I’ll stick to buying my stuff at the store haha. That’s last picture had me cracking up!

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