Summer Goals- update

19 Jul

I started with these goals on 6/20. I’ve had almost an entire month to focus on them, let’s see where I’m at.


19. Get our budget set.

20. Lead an FPU class- started 6/13/12 and it’s a 13 week class

21. Be debt free.

For My Mind

2. Join a book club.

4. Create a picture book of our first year of marriage.

8. Create a Homemaking Binder- in process

16. Subscribe to new magazines.

For My Health

26. Do a liver cleanse- or 10. (6/10)

34. Put together recipes for cleaning supplies.


35. Fruit picking.

44. Play the tables in Vegas.

43. Go on a backpacking trip.

For My Soul

53. Become a member at church- 7/17/12

55. Create a prayer board.

For My Marriage

63. Have Anniversary picture taken- 7/6/12

66. Put together our Wedding Album.

67. Make a list of things that make Twitch excited about life.


76. Make kombucha- 6/26/12

71. Make 10 salad dressings.

72. Make spice mixes.

79. Make a list of 30 homemade staple foods to try.

For Fun

81. Own only clothing I love, donate the rest.

84. Get my hair cut- 6/30/12

87. Get a natural tan.

85. Buy all new make up.

For the Home

96. Use the FLYlady system for 3 months- started 6/11/12

Just one of our 1 Year Anniversary photos


One Response to “Summer Goals- update”

  1. Kathy Skinner July 24, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

    We love kombucha! I let my last “mushroom” die so need to get a new one!

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