The Public Library, didn’t know this huh

20 Jul

Did you know that you can reserve books online? You can get a book from any library in your county system and it will magically appear at your local branch. They have elves or something. I’m not sure how I found this out, but it’s amazing. Ask about this option at your local library or google it. Anyone else concerned about keeping their dollar bills in their purse? I love the option of reading all these books without shelling out any cash. Except for those late fees. Dang late fees. But the cost savings far outweighs the little late fees. This is my most recent addition to my book list:

I have her Turbo Fire workout videos and they.are.awesome. As soon as the elves get the book to the library down my street, I get an email saying it’s ready for me. When I go down to pick up the book, it’s in a special section with the other requested books. It has my name on it. I am out of there in 3 minutes. I love this system. Favorite!




One Response to “The Public Library, didn’t know this huh”

  1. nicholl July 20, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    what? this is amazing-now I’m gonna live at my library!

    come say hello at 🙂

    have a great Friday!

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