Sometimes and Always

24 Jul

Sometimes I want to bust a crafty move.

Always I get frustrated with not having a dedicated craft space. I wish everything we easy to access!

Sometimes I  wonder why my house is the black hole for other people’s sunglasses.

Always I try them on and hope their owner forgets about them!

Sometimes I get frustrated that there is always dust in my house.

Always I remember that I live is a DESERT. There will be dust. At least we don’t have bugs.

Sometimes I get so distracted my Pinterest.

Always I just have to look at ONE more thing!!

My Pinterest Boards. Love them!


One Response to “Sometimes and Always”

  1. linnysvault July 26, 2012 at 1:01 pm #

    I wish people would forget their sunglasses at my house since I need new ones haha. Oh my gosh, the dust…I hate it!

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