7 Questions

8 Aug

This is the fam, well, the California portion of the clan. The rest are in Texas leading dull lives. I like to think that so I don’t get jealous of all their fun 🙂 We said goodbye to sister second from the left- she was headed back to Texas after spending the Summer her in Cali.
1. The Olympics are awesome! What’s your favorite Summer Olympic event to watch?
Boo. We don’t have any cable, so I haven’t watched ANY of the Olympics. Usually I love gymnastics though!

2. If you could compete in an Olympic event (either season), which would it be?
Ice Skating- the partner kind. I would also need a huge dose of courage and probably a lobotomy to be willing to be thrown through the air like that.

3. Would you rather be tickled to death or poked (by finger) constantly for the rest of your life?
Tickled to death. I would so end up peeing my pants on them and that would be a really nice revenge.

4. Do you keep your nails long or short? Square or round?
Long. I love having long nails! Makes me feel purty. They are round- because I think they look more real like that.

5. Do you think you’re funny?
Duh, I’m stinkin hilarious. I laugh all the time at my jokes and general wittiness.

6. When you have something you’re looking forward to SO much, but it’s still a ways off, what do you do to keep yourself distracted?
I make one of those countdown chains like for Christmas. You know, where you tear one off every day. Those things were awesome. Did you ever think that you could fool the world by tearing extra ones off? Christmas would come earlier? No? Me neither, cough.

7. You’ve just won an Olympic Gold Medal! What are you going to do next?!?!
Probably taking a ridiculously long nap. Seriously, those people must be SO tired! But I guess most of them are like teenagers. They have unlimited energy. In that case, I would totally start spending my endorsement cash. Everyone wants to sign me as their spokesmodel right?


One Response to “7 Questions”

  1. Gentri August 11, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    hahaha! You ARE hilarious!! Too funny. 🙂 I love the revenge. hahha!

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