Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.- Christmas Tree Skirt

13 Dec

HGTV tutorial

This no sew ruffled skirt has been floating around Pinterest- and I love it! But my tree is understated this year- mostly bright lights and ball ornaments. We have a Gold, Silver, White, and Black glitter tree! Totally coordinates with the rest of the house.

I had to start from scratch because we’ve never had a tree skirt- so I had no base to start from. I used this tutorial to create a basic tree skirt. I used a really cheap off white muslin and doubled it. What I ended up with is about a 50″circumference circle.

Then I chose 4 fabrics that would match our tree this year: gold, silver, brown with sparkles, and black with sparkles. I cut 3 inch strips out of each. I like a little more polished finish, so I serged the bottom of each strip. Then I glue gunned the heck out of. I bought the low temp glue sticks so that I wouldn’t end up with singed fingers. Totally worked- not a single burn!

Tree skirt will a little bling.

Tree skirt will a little bling.

Costco trees are huge!

Costco trees are huge!




You’re turn!



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