Budget Reduction Strategy #2

15 Feb

Who buys their own books anymore? Not this girl! I love to read. And I love new things. Did you know that the library in your local city is part of a larger group of County libraries? I didn’t either. But then I found out that on the County website there is search and request option. I order my books and when then come in, I get an email announcing their arrival. The books are all set aside in a special section, so I can run in and run back out. I LOVE this option. Sometimes I have to wait a while for the books to come in, but it’s not usually that long.

When the book I’ve been checking out looks like it should be a serious relationship, I jump on Amazon and put it on my wish list. When I order something on Amazon and need just a little more for the free shipping, I add one of my ‘can’t live without you’ books.

The number of books that make it to my forever list is pretty slim. But my little black book of just dated books keeps growing and growing. I love no cost and no commitment. Except for marriage- I like that costly and forever.


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