Budget Reduction Strategy #4

19 Feb

I do love to DIY. Everything. But I also like simple and cheap. A lot of recipes call for different butters and special ingredients. Someday, I’ll own all the special stuff. Today, I want results without the money.

I use coconut oil as lotion. This last time I was feeling fancy, so I whipped the oil until it got fluffy. It spreads easier, but is still pretty hard. I use it just out of the shower every day. It soaks in and leaves no oily residue.

I just started to do oil cleansing when I wash my face at night. I use jojoba. You’re supposed to mix it with castor oil, but I didn’t have it until now. I’m going to try it 75% jojoba and 25% castor. I’m going to try it just because I have it all, but the jojoba worked great on its own. Actually, I hear olive oil works great too and that’s already in the kitchen. But I don’t particularly want to smell like olive oil.

Toothpaste– this one takes a little getting used to. I’ve read all the warnings about fluoride, so I definitely wanted to stay away from that and it’s hard to get a toothpaste without it. I use equal parts coconut oil and baking soda. I add in peppermint oil. I do miss the minty feel of commercial toothpaste, but now when I try to use it I am overwhelmed with the mint and can hardly stand it. When I want to feel all clean and fresh, I just put a few drops of straight peppermint oil on my tongue.

Still on my list:

  • shampoo and conditioner
  • hair gel
  • makeup- blush and eyeshadow to start with
  • chapstick

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