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Friday’s Letters

17 Aug

Dear Business Savvy– how the heck do you even navigate the CPSIA? What the heck to do they even do???

Dear Savvy– Johnny rocked you like it was 1990 on 21 Jump Street!

Dear Texas- I’m coming for you. Well, parts of you.

Specifically these parts!

Dear Twitch– life is moving fast these days, but I can’t wait for you to have one of these! You’ll be so legit.


Friday’s Letters

27 Jul


Dear Twitch, you want a new Doberman puppy so bad. And I want you to have everything your heart desires. But thank you for agreeing to pay for training for Pop Tart. Hopefully we can train him to not attack the ridiculously large and potentially angry dog. Please make it be ok.

Dear Dollar Bills, thanks for being here! My husband and I did a fitness challenge with each other. I had to do a 30 day juice fast, 8 boy push ups, and weigh 125. Go me, Go me. Ok, I didn’t quite make the weight goal. Whatever, I tried super hard. Now I have $1600 bucks to spend on me. So. Excited.

Dear Public Library, thanks for being you: free and fabulous. I like big books and I cannot lie.

Dear life, you really do rock. I’m pretty much in love with you. Wanna make out or something?

Friday’s Letters

15 Jun

Good morning Friday! Thank you for being amazing!

Dear Twitch, we have been married for almost 1 year. Yay! Dear home, thank you for being so easy to clean. Thank you for not having too much stuff in you. Dear Farmer’s Market, you are my favorite. You are nice and delicious, just how I want you. Dear Dawson’s Creek reruns on Netflix, not having the right theme song sucks. You need to work on that. Dear lil brudder, you came and visited me yesterday! I know you were just looking for someone to make you lunch, but I don’t even care! Dear Kim Snyder and your Green Goddess Smoothie, you make me happy in the morning. I don’t even like banana is drink form, but you make it work. Dear Pop Tart, you are the bestest doggie out there. Just one thing, stop getting so dirty! I don’t particularly enjoy bathing you.

Friday’s Letters

30 Mar

Linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Friday, you are last day in my last full week of work. From here on out, its 3 or 4 day weeks. For 2 months! 35 work days left and then you, Friday, will be every day!

Counting it down.

Dear Husband, you’re The Man. You’re going to juice with me all weekend.  That’s love. That’s support. You rock.

All veggies, not fruit. Blech.

Dear multi pack of Sharpies, you make my day more fun. Even when we don’t get to play, I just like that when I stare at you on my desk, you stare back.

Be still my heart.

Dear car alarm, you annoy the crap out of me. I don’t know what bee flew up your bidness, but setting your own alarm off has got to stop. If you choose to ignore this warning, I will have to move on to more drastic punishments. I’ll unhook your battery for a time out. I’ll water board you at the car wash. I’ll use regular gas instead of premium. Ok I do that anyway. That crap is expensive!

This is where I'm headed.


Friday’s Letters

23 Mar

Dear Friday, I am usually so excited to see you. But not this week. THIS week is vacation at work. Which means Friday- you came too fast. I hope I see you this quickly next week when I’m back at work. Dear Job, I hate you. It’s me, not you. We were never meant for each other. I wish we could break up now, but we’ll have to schedule it. May 25 is Freedom Day. I will remember what we had, but celebrate the future and only cry tears of joy. OR, I’ll throw myself a Retirement Party and eat celebration Ice Cream. You know, whatever. Who cares if I’m 29.

Dear Spring, it was so good to visit with you yesterday. I’m not sure why you couldn’t stay longer, but I went to the store and got some sticky glue so you can’t get away so easily next time.

Dear TV, you have been rocking my socks off. I totally am not embarrassed to say I’ve watched a lot of you lately. You’re fun to hang out with. Especially new friends like GCB and Once Upon A Time.

Kristin is ridiculous. I heart her 🙂

Dear Joey, thanks for choosing my house to celebrate your 18th birthday at. And for saying that my homemade ice cream is bomb diggity and your favorite! I think you said that because you knew I would be so flattered, I would make it whenever you wanted. You’re like a genius.

Joey- but not Joey's baby. Because we would kill him.

Friday’s Letters

16 Mar


Dear Juicer– thank you for making my uber healthy morning breakfast everyday. Oh, and also my reward for working out! Dear Turbo Fire- thank you for being the most fun EVER and for being both a serious workout and using the words “wiggle it”!

Wiggle it


Dear Public Library– thank you for your online book ordering option. Now I won’t be limited by your puny selection at the local library. I get access to the whole county system.

Book nerd


Dear World– sometimes you overwhelm me and I want to run away (Netflix marathon anyone?). But then I put my big girl panties on and fight back.