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Pictures from our 1 year anniversary

7 Jul


1 Year Wedding Anniversary

18 Jun

One year ago, we made the best decision of our lives. Ok, loving Jesus is the best decision. We made the second best one- I chose you, and you chose me.

We got to have a whole day full of love, surrounded by our families and friends. I will never forget our wedding day. We had so much fun creating everything (and you spent so many hours building centerpieces, aisle stands, and candelabras).

Cookie Bar- this was my favorite!

I love you Twitch. You make my world go round and my heart beat fast.

Father’s Day

17 Jun

A girl never grows up enough that she doesn’t need her Daddy. Thank you for what you have taught me and what you are still teaching me. I love you Daddy!

Happy Birthday Twitch!

20 Apr

Today is my husband’s 31st BIRTHDAY!!

Happy birthday to the most incredible man! You make my life so much fun. I am so excited that God chose me for you!

Check out all the fun we’re having in yesterday’s post…

Easter Sunday

8 Apr

He’s out.

Good Friday

6 Apr

Its the day. The one day that everything began to change. The day when the most unjust thing happened to make the most unjust things holy. There are no words good enough. No sorrow deep enough. But there was death. Horrible, excruciating death. To call it Good Friday is to see the hope and the gift, but sometimes we need to see the pain to really appreciate it.

What? You didn’t get one?

14 Mar

You mean your boyfriend wasn’t The Man? He didn’t fabricate and weld you up your very own 1st Kiss Trophy for laying a big smooch on him? Mine did. Ridiculous right? Ridiculously cool! Sure it might have been a little awkward to take home to the fam, but I’m Awesome and Awkard!