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Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.- Christmas Tree Skirt

13 Dec

HGTV tutorial

This no sew ruffled skirt has been floating around Pinterest- and I love it! But my tree is understated this year- mostly bright lights and ball ornaments. We have a Gold, Silver, White, and Black glitter tree! Totally coordinates with the rest of the house.

I had to start from scratch because we’ve never had a tree skirt- so I had no base to start from. I used this tutorial to create a basic tree skirt. I used a really cheap off white muslin and doubled it. What I ended up with is about a 50″circumference circle.

Then I chose 4 fabrics that would match our tree this year: gold, silver, brown with sparkles, and black with sparkles. I cut 3 inch strips out of each. I like a little more polished finish, so I serged the bottom of each strip. Then I glue gunned the heck out of. I bought the low temp glue sticks so that I wouldn’t end up with singed fingers. Totally worked- not a single burn!

Tree skirt will a little bling.

Tree skirt will a little bling.

Costco trees are huge!

Costco trees are huge!




You’re turn!



The start of the Safety Olympiad

13 Jul

Perfect BBQ Meal

9 Jul

If I could eat anything right now, it would be this. Oh, and there would be a gigantic grass fed steak on the barbi. MMMM. Summer.


Roasted Balsamic and Parmesan Cauliflower


Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms


Baked Beans


Coconut Flour Shortcake with Berries


Strawberry Ice Cream- use fermented cream

4th of July

4 Jul



Twitch and I took our 1 Year Anniversary pictures today. After that, we headed home and I made these waffles. Holy heck they were good. So much better than any other coconut flour waffles I’ve had. You may notice the cup of raisins it calls for. Just do it. Don’t pansy out. It’s surprisingly delicious and not all chewy raisin like.

By the way, don’t judge my butter consumption.